Drug Free Workplace Program


The nature of the construction industry requires that all employees be in a condition to perform their job safely and efficiently, free from any impairment caused by alcohol or drugs. The AGC (Associated General Contractors), the MCA (Masons Contractors Association of America, Portland, Oregon Chapter) the GCCA (General & Concrete Contractors Association), Cement Masons, Laborers, Carpenters, Bricklayers and the Employer are firmly committed to eliminating all of the problems associated with employee alcohol and drug use.

The Employer also recognizes the need to avoid unnecessary intrusion into employees’ private lives and to assure employee privacy and confidentiality to the greatest extent possible, consistent with the goals of this Plan and Policy. In addition, the Employer acknowledges that some cases of substance abuse must also be dealt with as illnesses requiring medical treatment, not only as personnel problems. Lastly, the AGC, the MCA, the GCCA, Cement Masons, Laborers, Carpenters, Bricklayers and the Employer believe that the goals of its alcohol and drug policy should include education, prevention and rehabilitation. To achieve these objectives, all the Employer’s employees must adhere to the rules and regulations of the Construction Industry Drug-Free Workplace Program (DFW).

This Plan, and the related Trust Fund, are established to provide and pay for the services and procedures needed to detect, diagnose at a medical facility, and refer for appropriate medical treatment any alcohol, drug or other substance abuse by any covered employee of a participating Employer.

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