Welcome Members of the Employers – Plasterers Trust!

This website is designed to provide you with access to general information about the Trust Funds and the benefits provided by the Trust Funds. Nothing on this website is meant to interpret or change in any way the provisions of the Trusts. In the event of a discrepancy, the Trust Documents will govern.

Health and Welfare Benefits

Effective August 1, 2010 the Employers-Plasterers Health and Welfare Trustees voted to move this coverage to the Cement Masons – Employers Health, Welfare & Vaction Trust.

Please click on the “Cement Masons” Tab on this website and then “Health & Welfare” for information on these benefits.

Pension Benefits

Currently you will need to contact the Plasterers Administration, Inc. for information on your Pension benefits. Their contact information is:

Plasterers Administration
12812 NE Marx St
Portland OR 97230

  • 9848 E Burnside Street • Portland, OR 97216
  • Phone: (503) 254-4022 • (800) 591-8326
  • Fax: (503) 254-4119
  • E-mail: