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Northwest Bricklayers Pension Plan

The Northwest Bricklayers Pension Plan is a Defined Benefit Plan that signatory employers in the following locals and states remit pension contributions to: Local #1 of Oregon, Local #2 of Washington/Idaho/Montana (excluding Seattle), Local #1 of Utah and Local #7 of Colorado/Wyoming.

To be eligible for a monthly pension benefit upon normal retirement from the Northwest Bricklayers Pension Plan requires a participant to become vested. In general, vesting requires five (5) Credited Years without a break-in- service. A Credited Year is earned by working a minimum of 400 hours in a calendar year for a Participating employer of the Plan.

The benefits you earn under the Pension Plan are generally payable the first of the month following your 65th birthday, your Normal Retirement Date. If you meet certain conditions, you may begin your benefit at an Early Retirement Date. Benefits paid at an Early Retirement Date are reduced because the Plan is expected to make more payments over your lifetime. If you have a sufficient number of years of Credited Service, or a combination of Credited Service and Hours of Service, Early Retirement benefits may be paid with no reduction. Please contact the Trust Office at 503-254- 4022 or 1-800- 591-8326 for information on Early Retirement benefits.

The Northwest Bricklayers Pension Plan is in Critical Status and is under the rules of Rehabilitation Plan.


The Northwest Bricklayers Pension Plan Board of Trustees has entered into reciprocity agreements with a number of Trust Funds across the United States, and the International Pension Fund. These agreements allow your pension contributions to be sent to your Home Fund (the Fund that you first belonged to), to avoid losing pension benefits if you work in an area outside of this Plan.

It is your responsibility to ask if a reciprocal agreement is in place for the area that you will be working in. If one is in place, you will be asked to fill out an authorization form so that the Work Trust will be able to transfer your funds back to the Northwest Bricklayers Pension Plan. There are time requirements in requesting such transfers, so it is very important that you do this as soon as possible after you know you will be working in another area.

Not all pension plans have reciprocity. If there is not an agreement in place, no funds will be transferred. Please check with the Trust Office before working in another area so that you will know what impact it will have on your pension benefits.

Northwest Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers Defined Contribution Retirement Plan (Local #1 of Oregon Only)

Local #1 of Oregon members also participate in a defined contribution pension plan. The Northwest Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers Defined Contribution Retirement Plan is separate from the above Defined Benefit plan and has a different administrator.

Masonry Industry Trust Administration Office, Inc. help with the facilitation of withdrawals and basic questions regarding the Plan. If you have questions, you can contact our office at 1-800- 591-8326, or 503-254- 4022.

To contact the administrator for the defined contribution plan (Local #1 Oregon members only):
Northwest Plan Services, Inc.
5446 California Avenue SW, Suite 200
Seattle, WA 98136
Phone Number: 877-690- 5410, Option 7

If you have access to a computer, you can check your balance

If you are a first time user, you will need to use your Social Security Number as your User ID, and your password will be the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. Once you log on you will need to set up a User ID and password of your choice.

If you do not have computer access, you can check your balance using the telephone Voice Response System. Dial 1-877-410- 9984 provider #6789. You will then be asked to enter your Social Security Number and your 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN), which if you haven’t set up a PIN yet, will be the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.

This Plan (Defined Contribution) does not participate in reciprocity agreements.

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