Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers

Health & Welfare

The Masonry Welfare Trust is the Health Plan that signatory employers in the following locals and states remit health and welfare contributions to: Local #1 of Oregon and Local #2 of Washington/Idaho/Montana. The Trust covers all areas of Washington excluding the jurisdiction covered by Seattle.

Under the Trust Medical Plan, Prescription Drug benefits are administered by Moda Health.

Trust Plan Dental Benefits

Orthodontic benefits are covered at 50% to a lifetime maximum of $1,000. This benefit is offered to all eligible dependents.

Vision Benefits

The Masonry Welfare Trust contracts with Vision Service Plan – VSP – to offer Vision Benefits for Active Participants and their eligible Dependents and to Retired Participants and their eligible dependents who are enrolled under the Plan.

Members who have chosen Kaiser for their medical provider also have vision benefits with VSP. Vision Exams are covered under the Kaiser medical plan, but you must use VSP to be reimbursed for vision hardware.

Kaiser Medical and Dental

Kaiser is an alternative to the Trust Medical and Dental Plan. You must use Kaiser facilities and providers. Kaiser Plan Summary of Benefits: To see a summary of benefits for the Kaiser medical plan options and the Kaiser dental plan option, please go to the “Download Forms & Benefit Summaries” tab.

Kaiser offers a choice between a “Low” and “High” Medical Plan. The “Low” Plan requires fewer hours worked for eligibility than the “High” Plan.

The “Deductible Medical Plan” is considered the Low Plan. It has a $400 deductible ($900 family) $20 co-pays or 20% coinsurance on most benefits. Prescription Drug copays are $20/$40. Please see the benefits summary for this Plan for more information.

The “Traditional HMO Plan” is considered the High Plan. It does not have a deductible. Office visit co-pays are $30 and hospitalization requires a $200 deductible. Prescription Drug copays are $20/$40. Please see the benefits summary for this Plan for more information.

Click here to be directed to the Kaiser Website to create an account or to log on to an existing account. You can use this website to find Kaiser locations, learn about getting care, transferring records, and more.

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